New Board Member Elected to Lake Agassiz Water Authority

Post Date: Sep 27 2007

Cities from the Red River Valley held elections for the Lake Agassiz Water Authority (LAWA) Board of Directors at the recent North Dakota League of Cities Conference in Bismarck.

The group elected Hillsboro as the newest member of the Board of Directors. Kevin Burg, City Commission President, will be the city's representative on the Board. He sees this as a vital role for the city, he says, it is very important that we be involved and informed in the decisions that will impact all of eastern North Dakota involving water distribution. Hillsboro replaced Grafton on the Board.

Reelected, and continuing to serve on the Board of Directors include:
Valley City - represented by City Commissioner Ken Evenson  
 Fargo - represented by former Mayor Bruce Furness
 Grand Forks represented by City Councilmember Curt Kreun
The city of Moorhead, represented by Moorhead Public Service Commissioner Kelli Poehls, also serves on the Board.

The Board consists of 10 elected members, each serving a two-year term. Five of the members represent cities while the other five members represent rural water systems.

LAWA is comprised of cities and water districts in the Red River Valley, including the eastern 13 counties in North Dakota and three cities in Minnesota. The water authority was created by the North Dakota state legislature and given the responsibility of providing a reliable drinking water supply to cities, businesses and residents in the Red River Valley.